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Kate Bingaman-Burt by Abbey Lejeune

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In our society today, we, consumers, have an obsession to shop and spend money. For over a decade now, Kate Bingaman-Burt has been documenting what we, the consumers, have been purchasing. In 2002, Bingaman-Burt started a series of projects that began with going into thrift stores and Target to find out what people were buying and why. While out documenting one day, Bingaman-Burt took a photo of a couch she purchased and decided that she would document everything she purchased until she finished graduate school.

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Even though she has finished going into thrift stores and Targets, Kate Bingaman-Burt has continued to document something she has purchased every day.  As her projects changed, her medium also changed.  Bingaman-Burt went from photo documenting everything to forcing herself to draw credit card statements until she was out of debt. The statement drawings turned into purchase drawings where she draws an object she has bought that day. From 2006 until now she has created Daily Purchase Drawings and displays them on her blog. These drawings have attracted clients for work without that being her initial intent along with being able to have installations of her projects in museums.

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From a student’s perspective, the idea of starting a project that has a loose structure and boundaries that allows for creative research and growth is very appealing. There should be no intent to get clients, like Bingaman-Burt, but there should be a want to grow as an artist and enjoy what is being done. If there is passion for creating in the project, other people will take notice. There is always a feeling of being rushed or hurried to work on a project in class. Kate’s project took over a decade of documenting and drawing to get where it is today. I’m not saying it should take ten years to complete a project but time spent on making creative talents better can work out in the long run.



Obsessive Consumption Project


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