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Zelda C. Wang by Heather Hussey

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I came across Zelda C. Wang’s work by chance on the website deviantART. Her style was whimsical with elements that reflected the Japanese manga styles of “Bishojo” and “Bishonen” referring to the beauty of her character designs. Though I really found her art style appealing, what captivated me and won me over as a fan was the subject matter of her drawings. She created her own self-published graphic novel named “MYth” which “is a collection of original short stories inspired by Greek mythology” (Wang, I have a great passion for learning about Greek and Roman mythology, or any type of mythology for that matter. However, the envisioning of the gods of old with their beards and old man archetypes, were sorely lacking in youthful appeal. With her approach, Zelda creates a youthful and attractive appeal to these characters, helping to breathe life into these old myths attracting a younger audience with her storytelling and artwork.

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Zelda classifies herself as a self employed Comic Artist and Freelance Illustrator. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from California State University Fullerton with a Bachelors in Fine Arts. Her preferred tools of the trade are Traditional Medium: Pencils, Color Pencils. Digital Medium: Painter & Photoshop. The programs she uses are Corel Painter 9 and Photoshop CS2.

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Zelda is on a number of social sites and often holds livestreams where she draws art work in real time. I found her to be an artist who has a great passion for the subject matter that she features in her work. Her style is unique, yet not so unfamiliar, that it would be unappealing to the masses.

(Fair Warning: Greek mythology is filled with violence, lust, and a few other not so child friendly themes, and Zelda does occasionally translate those into her drawings.)

Her Websites:



deviantART Page:



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