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Student Work: Mininalist Book Cover Designs Spring 2013

This spring the Graphic Design 1 class created minimalist book cover designs. The challenge was to create book covers that worked in a minimalist design style. Each student created a … Continue reading

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You Get Out, What You Put In by Michael Boudreaux

I remember blindly jumping into Lamar University as a business major after the summer following my high school graduation in 2002. Nearly ten years and two changes of major later, … Continue reading

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Design Trends Tutorial: Banners! by Haley Musgrove

Hello Lamar graphic design blog readers, I am Haley Folk, a fellow reader and graphic design student at Lamar University! I got lucky enough to take over the blog today … Continue reading

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Designing Within Constraints (Part 2) by Jordan Gonzales

In my previous post, I covered quickly why designing using constrains, as a guide is important, and how it can help designers challenge themselves and grow to create stronger work. … Continue reading

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Designing Within Constraints (Part 1) by Jordan Gonzales

One of the most rudimentary ways to define graphic design is to say that it is a method of problem solving. All problems have parameters, and all designers must work … Continue reading

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Typed Fresh Daily by Justina Jennings

There is nothing more inspirational than seeing someone who can create a masterpiece on pen and paper. Of course by that I could mean sketching, painting, or anything of that … Continue reading

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Zelda C. Wang by Heather Hussey

I came across Zelda C. Wang’s work by chance on the website deviantART. Her style was whimsical with elements that reflected the Japanese manga styles of “Bishojo” and “Bishonen” referring … Continue reading

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Originality in Graphic Design by David Brock

It seems that there is no hope for original ideas or concepts of creativity these days, and for that matter, hasn’t been for quite some time now.  Originality is a … Continue reading

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Kate Bingaman-Burt by Abbey Lejeune

In our society today, we, consumers, have an obsession to shop and spend money. For over a decade now, Kate Bingaman-Burt has been documenting what we, the consumers, have been … Continue reading

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Illustration: Pattern Design

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